How To Make Driftwood Mirror

Mirrors made from driftwood are such a beautiful object to have in your home design, especially if you want that beachy vibe through your home. You don’t have to buy it in the expensive home shop; you can easily make it by yourself. Anybody can make them, even people who don’t have carpenter skills. Collect driftwood that you found, and get on the job.

Step 1

Mirror1The first step is to prepare the base of the mirror. You have to use a thick sheet of plywood and cut it in a circular shape, which has to match the shape of the mirror. Cut along the marked line to create mirror base.  When that is over, sand down all the edges because you want to have a smooth finish. Add two sets of hooks to the back side of the base, so you can hang a mirror on the wall after you are finished.



Step 2

The second step is to attach the mirror to the base, and to do so, carefully turn the mirror on a smooth surface. Make sure that a mirror doesn’t have scratches or that is not broken. Squeeze a generous amount of glue onto to the back of the mirror, and make sure to spread it all around using a flat spatula. Once again gently turn the mirror back over and place it centered on the top of plywood. Plywood and mirror have to clamp together, and glue has to dry for several days before you can move to next step.

Step 3

Square-mirrorThe final and third step is to attach the driftwood. Once the mirror is set in his place, you can remove all the clamps and laid the mirror on the right side up. You can attach driftwood by using any glue, but it is best to use a glue gun. You have to attach driftwood to an exposed plywood base and continue to do so until you made a circle. Because you are using hot glue, driftwood is going to be a bit fragile, so you want to be very careful when moving it around. When you complete all the steps, proudly hang it on the wall.