Easy Tips On How To Clean And Preserve Driftwood

If you have driftwood pieces that you found at the beach, you then know that is not the easiest thing to clean them. But this is not hard as it seems, you only need few ingredients.

How to clean driftwood?

The number one is water of course. Then you have to find a bucket and a brush. In a bucket of water, you have to mix the soaking solution by using 2 cups of bleach. Then you have to sink the driftwood into the bucket full of this mixture and live it for five days, but change the water every day. After five days let the driftwood to dry out before using it again, but make sure to store it to in a low humid place when it is drying.Water

Little pieces of driftwood will take one to two weeks to fully clean, but the larger ones might take a bit longer. When it is dry use it to decorate your house or make a DIY project like mirrors, photo frames, vases, the possibilities are endless. If you don’t have an idea, just go online, and you will find many different projects that you would defiantly like. The bleach that you use to clean driftwood will eliminate any bugs, planktons or other sea creatures that use to live in the wood. Bleach would also lighten the natural color of driftwood, and make it even prettier.

How to preserve it?

DriftwoodThe first thing you have to do is to add an insecticide so the bugs won’t inhabit driftwood again. Mix insecticide with water in a spray bottle, and spray it all around the driftwood, but make sure that you do this outdoors. After applying this mixture leave it on the sun for few days. If you want to apply paint to the driftwood use wood conditioner. Use a cloth with conditioner and spread it all around driftwood, and let it dry. If you want the driftwood to last use furniture wax, which consists of an equal mixture of beeswax and turpentine. You can also use clear matte or gloss protective finish.