How To Make A Driftwood Lamp

Driftwood lamps area piece to have in your home. They are a statement piece, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to have it, you can easily make it by yourself. You can use one large piece of driftwood or eve several smaller ones. Your creation is going to have enough texture, and your home is going to have a nice outdoor feeling. There are a few ideas how can you make it, and this projects wouldn’t last more than one afternoon.

Create a beautiful lamp from a Flea Market find

Driftwood-LampJust find a basic table lamp from a local flea market or yard sale, if you already don’t have one that you would like to redo. Disassemble the lamp, and try to remove every decorative element of the lamp column, so that you only have a metal center poll. To this part, you would attach driftwood that you found. Take several of them that curve outward at one end. The bottom will be the base of the lamp, and the top will reach just beyond the socket. Attach driftwood with glue and top the lamp with a lampshade that you have chosen.  When you turn the lamp on, the light will have a nice and soft driftwood silhouette.


Make a driftwood lamp for your desk

Make sure to find inexpensive lamp kit and a thick wooden base, four wooden buttons and five or more driftwood pieces of similar length to the base. You have to start with the base and drill a hole into the center. Drill the same hole through the center of each driftwood piece. Then you have to fix the lamp rod to the base. You have to secure it with a nut and a washer. Then stack the driftwood horizontally over the rod and into the base. When you decided how to place driftwood pieces, glue each part together so they will stay in place. You have to spread lamp cord through the base of the lamp, and through pieces of driftwood, and all to the top of the rod. Then wire and secure the socket to the rod’s top end, and then connect the harp to the socket. The final step is to glue the wooden buttons to the bottom four corners of the base if you want to give height to accommodate the lamp cord under the base.