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Here you can find the most beautiful and authentic driftwood furniture, which will implement your home so nicely. Here you can find something for everybody’s taste, or we can at you demand to make you the piece of furniture that you envisioned. Our products are crafted with lots of love and care.You don’t need to live by the sea to have a little piece of the coast in your home. We have been designing and creating Driftwood Art for over a decade now.Each year, new and wonderful ideas become a reality and it is a joy to know that more and more of our commissioned pieces are finding their way into people’s homes and businesses.

We are very fortunate to have a dedicated team of people from all over the world who collect the very finest driftwood for use in our ‘Designed By’ range and our commissioned pieces. This uniquely different driftwood helps to give the quality of form and color to each piece.The work is so diverse on so many levels, and we are as captivated by the driftwood we use now, as we were all those years ago when we began.