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Our Art Work

Every piece that goes out of our shops is crafted with love and care and specialized to answer every customer need. We produce driftwood tables, lamps, picture frames, home accessorize, build custom features that you envisioned, and many more.


Home Decor

In our website, you can find articles made from driftwood as mirrors, accessories, and a sea theme cushions and home accessories.We have a beautiful selection of cushions, driftwood candle holders, candelabrums, mirrors and lovely little things.

Driftwood Furniture

In our driftwood furniture section, you can find these beautiful tables, which can accommodate from 4 to plus ten people, or small and practical coffee tables.  All our tables are hand made by skilled carpenters and kiln dried for strength; they are available in natural driftwood or creamy bleached driftwood.

Wall art

Wall Art

We also offer a wide range of wall art products. Here you can find driftwood hearts and sculpture, but also prints and photo frames, which will enrich your already beautiful home.


Our Gift Ideas


Driftwood photo frame

Driftwood photo frame

If you are looking for a small, but beautiful and practical gift we have for you this photo frame made for driftwood. You can be certain that everybody is going to love this.

Driftwood vase and candle holder

Driftwood vase and candle holder

Another practical gift with a double purpose, it can use a vase, but also a candle holder. This would be a statement piece in every home.

Driftwood hanging wreath

Driftwood hanging wreath

This can look every affective if you hang it in the corner or over a table. You can add to this flowers or many other details.

Driftwood open heart

Driftwood open heart

This is a great gift for indoors and outdoors. This is lovely decoration from your bathroom and any other living space.

What People Say


„We were so delighted and amazed when we saw our dining table. It was exactly what we wanted and more. This is defiantly going to be a conversation starter.“

Sam and Judith

“When we came here, we didn’t know exactly what we wanted, but then we talk to designers who made our vision to come true. They were so professional and helpful.”

John and Jessica

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